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Hello! I am Dr Vivek Baliga, physician and cardiologist in Bangalore

Dr Vivek Baliga's Bio:

Hello, I am Dr Vivek Baliga. I guess you are here to know a little bit more about me, so here goes. I currently reside in Bangalore, where I have been most of my life. I work as a doctor, specialising in general medicine and heart disease, though I am specially interested in diabetes related heart disease and heart failure. Over the last 16 years of practice, I have learned that not only are patients nervous about their condition - they have a poor understanding of it. This makes it difficult for them to handle any eventualities that may arise during the course of their illness or treatment. If you ask my patients, they will say Dr Vivek Baliga reviews health conditions in a clear and crisp manner. This is because of my blog called HeartSense, and also a newsletter that I have been sending out for the last 6 years to over a 1000 patients. These sources of information contain not just simple health tips, but also many ways to improve physical, mental, social and financial well being. While it has been a daunting task given the busy schedule, the joy it has brought patients has been extremely rewarding. As a pastime, I love running and playing basketball, though the most magical time I spend is with my son. I often get asked - Dr Vivek Baliga - what do you do as your hobbies? Well - anything that relaxes me really! There is nothing specific as such as a 'go to' thing to do, but gymming and playing music (EDM!) is a great source of relaxation. If you wish to learn more about my academic career, please visit my website at Dr Vivek Baliga . Should you wish to visit my blog, visit it at 'HeartSense' online. Thank you for your time!

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Music Mixing music Echocardiography Running Swimming Basketball Cricket

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